RWC 2020 Virtual Gala

RWC Fundraising Celebration Online

Keynote speaker Scott Klusendorf, nationally known pro-life apologist and President of Life Training Institute.

Friday, April 3, 2020
7:00 PM – 7:40 PM
YouTube Live-streaming

Host David Bereit, Founder and CEO of 40 Days for Life

View RWC 2020 Gala Webcast

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Gala webcast featuring a mother’s story of how RWC helped her chose life for her baby.

About the Virtual Gala

RWC’s fundraising celebration Gala gives God the glory for saving over 3,300 lives since 1992! RWC continues to expand its outreach to abortion-vulnerable women through our strategic location across the street from an abortion clinic and our 24-hour abortion inquiry hotline.

This is our biggest annual fundraising event which supports about one-third of our budget. The purpose of this event is to invite new potential partners so they have the opportunity to hear client testimonies and learn how RWC ministers to women in unplanned pregnancies.